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Inside the Book:

The Bomb That Never Was
Title: The Bomb That Never Was
Author: J.R. Shaw
Publisher: iUniverse
Genre: Alternative History
Format: Ebook/Paperback

Praise for The Bomb That Never Was

 “Hitler has the bomb, and it's headed for the USA. This meticulously researched historical novel will have you asking, ‘What if?' This is an intelligent, fast-paced page-turner that will make you forget that you already know how it all turns out. Provocative, informative, and entertaining—I couldn't put it down.” —Joseph P. DeSario, author of Limbo and Sanctuary and coauthor of Crusade: Undercover Against the Mafia & KGB

“Authoritative and credible in its attention to detail, The Bomb That Never Was captures the spirit and temper of the WWII years and raises some deep philosophical questions about loyalty, treason, and commitment to country. A page-turner … tough to put down … a story well told.” —Robert L. Aaron, journalist and public relations executive

My Review

Have you ever thought back on history and wondered what if? I think many of us do this, whether it is a good event, bad event, something major that effected a lot of people or just things in our own lives. When an author tackles something on a grand scale, and then decides to put a spin on it and make it historical fiction, it can be a disaster. In my opinion historical fiction is one of the hardest genres to write, and when J.R. Shaw decided to put a spin on the most studied war of our time, it could have been a poor choice. Thankfully, this author not only was able to spin a tale that held your interest, it was obvious that there was tons of research done, not only in the war itself, but in the details that were described in the equipment and even the dialogue between the characters.

Everyone knows about Hitler and how he was pure evil. Is it possible things could have been worse? Especially for the US? This book delves into what might have happened if Hitler had access to the bomb and had it aimed at the United States. What might have happened? You'll have to read the book to find out. 

Meet the Author:

J. R. Shaw is a pseudonym for a person who likes privacy, preferring to remain in the shadows. If you're interested in reading the next book, please turn to the back of this book and enjoy reading an excerpt from The Pieces. The Pieces will be out in 2016.